Welcome to the Emergence Project

An invitation to empowerment and awakening:

meditation on the rocks

As life gets increasingly chaotic and challenging, it's important to take time for yourself to connect with your own sense of inner knowing. Balancing body, mind and spirit are the keys to getting through this period of transformation we call the Shift. The goal is to ride the waves of transformation and emerge joyfully on the shores of the new earth through connecting your inner and your outer life in authentic mindful harmony.

The Emergence Project, a nonprofit organization, offers a series of talks, conferences, and workshops to help you align with your deepest knowing and highest potential for these challenging times. We invite you to take part in this transformational journey through the sharing of spirit and wisdom as you foster your own capabilities towards actualizing a meaningful, joyful life.

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The Emergence Project, Inc. is a green nonprofit company in the State of Massachusetts.